Vistaprint launches a new product called Pagemodo

Vistaprint is one of the largest business services and products supplier in the world and has more than 15 million customers every year. The company works on a high volume, low margins business model and has high tech facilities that can support this. They offer a wide range of products from business cards to mugs and all of this at great prices. Vistaprint also often have a Vistaprint coupon available for consumers which attracts further business.

The company employs over 4,500 worldwide and operates over 25 different region and country specific websites as well as shipping to 140 countries.

Vistaprint has now released a new product called Pagemodo which allows businesses to perform their own Facebook marketing. The tools include a posts feature which allows businesses to schedule posts across multiple social networks quickly and easily. The intelligence behind the tool also allows businesses to find quality web content from the internet for specific keywords and allows them to easily share it.


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