The PC makers DID underestimate touchscreen demand

It was a market that was barely there a few years ago but is now a huge threat to the PC market. The market i’m referring to is the touchscreen device market. It was a market which Apple took a strong hold, produced a quality device and captured over 90% of the market instantly. In the process, Apple made other hardware makers play catchup.

A senior executive at Lenovo has admitted in an interview that the lack of availability of touchscreen PC’s in the market had be caused by them underestimating the demand that the products would generate.

Gerry Smith says that every major shift over the past 10 years in technology has never been correctly predicted and the best thing they can take out of it is how they can learn and evolve from these developments.

Lenovo are one of the most popular pc makers in Australia and they achieve great sales by offering a Lenovo coupon to consumers when they purchase.

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