The Dell story so far

The foundations of Dell were rocked last month when it’s current CEO and founder, Michael Dell, announced that he wanted to take the company private with the help of private equity company, Silver Lake Partners.

As with all take-overs, the biggest question coming from shareholders was whether Michael Dell was paying the appropriate price per share for the company or was he just trying to get the company on the cheap.

Michael Dell, 48, told his board of directors that he was looking to take over the company and would gather the interest of private equity and invest his own money to achieve this goal. He currently owns 14 percent of the company and wanted to buy the rest of the company out. A special committee was formed to try to work out the right strategy for the company, how to move forward and even fair value for the company.

The deal to buy Dell has been seen to be a fair and valid process with an appropriate value for the company offered. We now site and wait to see what the outcome is.

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