Kobo introduces the Kobo Arc

The e-reader market is a crowded market with two devices dominating, being the Kindle Fire HD from Amazon and The Nook HD from Barnes & Noble. To try to grab some market share back, Kobo have had to work hard to try to win consumers to their devices. Their brand new e-Reader, the Kobo Arc, will go a long way to winning over consumers.

The e-reader has a 7 inch screen and also dual speakers. It weighs a mere 12.7 ounces and is built to be extremely rugged. The device comes in three memory configurations which are 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB.

The Kobo Arc has been designed be very appealing to the eye. The back  of the device has a diamond patterned soft back and this backing makes the device great to hold. It also comes in a few different colors including blue gray and purple.

Kobo also have a great online store to buy their books. A Kobo promo code is frequency available which allows you to get a discount on your book purchase.


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