Google expands it’s eBooks into Australia

Google has started to ramp up it’s push into the eBook market with it’s expansion into the Australian market. Google has already released it’s new eBook products into the other markets including the US, UK and Canada.

In Australia, Google will be partnering with a existing bookstores to push their products online. The bookstores that Google has chosen to partner is Booktopia, Dymocks, the QBD bookshop and the Co-op bookshop.

These stores will allow Google to push their product to a large existing customer base. Booktopia is the biggest online retailer of books in Australia and is a great choice for Google’s online push in Australia. It is also a great option for consumers as Booktopia often provide a Booktopia coupon to consumers.

Google’s eBooks are provided in two formats, ePub and PDF. They offer books numbering the thousands and many of these are free for consumers. Google will be going up against existing eBook giants including Amazon and Kobo.

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