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Google expands it’s eBooks into Australia

Google has started to ramp up it’s push into the eBook market with it’s expansion into the Australian market. Google has already released it’s new eBook products into the other markets including the US, UK and Canada.

In Australia, Google will be partnering with a existing bookstores to push their products online. The bookstores that Google has chosen to partner is Booktopia, Dymocks, the QBD bookshop and the Co-op bookshop.

These stores will allow Google to push their product to a large existing customer base. Booktopia is the biggest online retailer of books in Australia and is a great choice for Google’s online push in Australia. It is also a great option for consumers as Booktopia often provide a Booktopia coupon to consumers.

Google’s eBooks are provided in two formats, ePub and PDF. They offer books numbering the thousands and many of these are free for consumers. Google will be going up against existing eBook giants including Amazon and Kobo.

Vistaprint launches a new product called Pagemodo

Vistaprint is one of the largest business services and products supplier in the world and has more than 15 million customers every year. The company works on a high volume, low margins business model and has high tech facilities that can support this. They offer a wide range of products from business cards to mugs and all of this at great prices. Vistaprint also often have a Vistaprint coupon available for consumers which attracts further business.

The company employs over 4,500 worldwide and operates over 25 different region and country specific websites as well as shipping to 140 countries.

Vistaprint has now released a new product called Pagemodo which allows businesses to perform their own Facebook marketing. The tools include a posts feature which allows businesses to schedule posts across multiple social networks quickly and easily. The intelligence behind the tool also allows businesses to find quality web content from the internet for specific keywords and allows them to easily share it.


How to pick the best running shoe

To determine the best running shoes for your feet, the first thing to do is look at the shape of your feet.

Ensuring that you pick the right shoes for your feet type is important as it can prevent unwanted injuries when you jog or run and it also prevents you from being uncomfortable when you exercise.

Many people make the mistake of thinking purchasing an expensive shoe means you will get the best shoe. This is not always the case.

The begin, you need to figure out which of 3 types your feet is.

If your foot is flat without any arch then you have a flat foot. If you have an arch on your foot that does not sit too high, then you have a normal type foot or what they describe as neutral. If you have a very high arch then you have a foot which is described as underpronator.

When purchasing shoes, it’s easy to purchase them online from stores like StyleTread. There are many styles available and a StyleTread coupon will help with the cost of your shoe.

The invention of contact lens

One of the best inventions in recent memory in relation to vision is most definitely contact lens. The requirement to wear glasses have severely limited the options of what activities and sports people could do.

What contact lens have been able to do is effectively allow a person to perform as if they did not have any requirement for glasses. This gives them the freedom to participate in many sports and functions that they could not do in the past. One of the biggest things being contact sports where a person with glasses would have no way of joining in with previously.

contact lens work in a very similar way to glasses. The lens bends the light so that it enters the chamber of the eyes in the correct angle.

In Australia, contact lens are reasonably priced however there are online stores like vision direct which offer great deals. You can get a vision direct coupon as well which also makes the contact lens even cheaper!