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Kobo introduces the Kobo Arc

The e-reader market is a crowded market with two devices dominating, being the Kindle Fire HD from Amazon and The Nook HD from Barnes & Noble. To try to grab some market share back, Kobo have had to work hard to try to win consumers to their devices. Their brand new e-Reader, the Kobo Arc, will go a long way to winning over consumers.

The e-reader has a 7 inch screen and also dual speakers. It weighs a mere 12.7 ounces and is built to be extremely rugged. The device comes in three memory configurations which are 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB.

The Kobo Arc has been designed be very appealing to the eye. The back  of the device has a diamond patterned soft back and this backing makes the device great to hold. It also comes in a few different colors including blue gray and purple.

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The Dell story so far

The foundations of Dell were rocked last month when it’s current CEO and founder, Michael Dell, announced that he wanted to take the company private with the help of private equity company, Silver Lake Partners.

As with all take-overs, the biggest question coming from shareholders was whether Michael Dell was paying the appropriate price per share for the company or was he just trying to get the company on the cheap.

Michael Dell, 48, told his board of directors that he was looking to take over the company and would gather the interest of private equity and invest his own money to achieve this goal. He currently owns 14 percent of the company and wanted to buy the rest of the company out. A special committee was formed to try to work out the right strategy for the company, how to move forward and even fair value for the company.

The deal to buy Dell has been seen to be a fair and valid process with an appropriate value for the company offered. We now site and wait to see what the outcome is.

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The PC makers DID underestimate touchscreen demand

It was a market that was barely there a few years ago but is now a huge threat to the PC market. The market i’m referring to is the touchscreen device market. It was a market which Apple took a strong hold, produced a quality device and captured over 90% of the market instantly. In the process, Apple made other hardware makers play catchup.

A senior executive at Lenovo has admitted in an interview that the lack of availability of touchscreen PC’s in the market had be caused by them underestimating the demand that the products would generate.

Gerry Smith says that every major shift over the past 10 years in technology has never been correctly predicted and the best thing they can take out of it is how they can learn and evolve from these developments.

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Vodafone slashes it’s workforce

The number third telco in Australia, Vodafone, has announced that it will be cutting 10% off it’s work force. This will reduce approximately 500 of their 5000 staff. The cuts are expected to happen next month, and is intended to streamline the business which has had to struggle with a loss of a million customers over the past couple of years.

The reduction is staff is expected to be coming from the back office areas. Vodafone boss, Bill Morrow, announced that the reduction in staff was meant to build a leaner, more effective operating model.

They are looking to simplify their business so that they can grow in the long term. They want to prioritize every dollar towards improving the network which has failed the company.

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How do glasses work?

One of the questions you always ask yourself or someone else is how do glasses work?

In fact, glasses were designed to behave in a similar way to the way the eyes work. Your eyes are similar to a camera in that it has a lens, exposure meter and also the ability to auto focus.

There are 4 major components of the eye. The cornea, iris, retina and lens.

The cornea is transparent and on top of the eye and it’s purpose is to let light flow into the pupil. The pupils function is to open and close in a way that allows it to regulate the amount of light that enters the eye and passes to your retina.

The retina contains cells that receive the light. The purposes of glasses is that they are designed to refract the line in a way that it enters into the correct spot in your eye.

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The iPhone 5 pre-orders

Here it is finally. The iPhone 5 has been available for pre-order and it’s been an amazing day for Apple. In a matter of 24 hours, the company has reported that stocks are depleted for the first bunch of customers and 2 million iPhone 5’s have been purchased in this time.

People looking to purchase the iPhone 5 will now need to wait until the first week of October to get their device. The iPhone 5 has going on sale around the world in Apple’s major markets and in Australia iPhone 5 Plans are available on every carrier. It is well known in Australian that the best value iPhone 5 plans are available on Virgin mobile.

The iPhone 5 has still got the familiarity of the screen and buttons however the device is slightly longer than the iPhone 4S. The extra length means that another row of icons can fit on the screen and widescreen videos can fit better as well.

The humble mobile phone

We often take our mobile phones for granted and view it as a device that has always been available.

A mobile phone has a number of components which are common across every make and model. The first is the presence of the battery which is obviously required to run the device. The second is the user interface. More commonly in the old days, this was the number keypad, but these days it’s the touch screen. The sim card is another common aspect which allows the device to connect to a particular network.

The mobile phone allows you to do a number of functions during the interaction process. The first is the ability to send text messages. The second is to make a phone call and the final common function these days is to video call.

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The HTC One X is HTC’s path back to the top

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding HTC’s smart phone device which was designed to bring them back from irelevancy, called the HTC One X.

The device is one which is feature rich in both hardware and software and what is most anticipated about the device will be run by the latest version of Android called Ice Cream Sandwich.

The HTC One X has had major upgrades which include improvements to the camera functions. The camera application has been designed so that there is no lag when switching it to camera mode. We have all experienced the moments where we want to quickly get our camera out and capture something but we have to wait ages for the camera to turn on at which point we lose that special picture.

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The Samsung Galaxy S2 is on it’s last legs

This time of year is a great time of you to purchase many new things for yourself, including a brand new phone. If you have contemplated getting a smart phone for a long time now, then this is the perfect time to take that step. Smart phones can improve your quality of life as they can give you all the information you need at your fingertips.

Some of the best smart phones around are extremely well priced at this time including Samsung’s Galaxy S2. There are Samsung Galaxy S2 plans that start at $29. Samsung Galaxy S2 is a great phone to start of with because it is very cheap compared with the features it has. The phone is on par with the best phones that are out at the moment.

Another great phone that is worth considering is the iPhone 4S. The Apple iPhone is so popular because it is easy to use.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Google have teamed up with Samsung to create the next generation of Android phone called the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The Galaxy Nexus will be the first to run Google’s newest version of Android called Ice Cream Sandwich, or Android 4.0.

Ice Cream Sandwich has a number of excellent new innovative features that sets it apart from the other versions of Android.

Firstly there is the Face Unlock feature. The face unlock feature allows you to unlock your phone simply by looking at it. It does this by allowing the owner to register their face in the device then when the camera sees the face it will automatically unlock the device. This process is supposedly much faster than unlocking the phone manually.

The other great feature is the panoramic camera which has software which greatly assists in the production of a panoramic photo such as telling you how to align up your device to get the right position.