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Vodafone slashes it’s workforce

The number third telco in Australia, Vodafone, has announced that it will be cutting 10% off it’s work force. This will reduce approximately 500 of their 5000 staff. The cuts are expected to happen next month, and is intended to streamline the business which has had to struggle with a loss of a million customers over the past couple of years.

The reduction is staff is expected to be coming from the back office areas. Vodafone boss, Bill Morrow, announced that the reduction in staff was meant to build a leaner, more effective operating model.

They are looking to simplify their business so that they can grow in the long term. They want to prioritize every dollar towards improving the network which has failed the company.

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How do glasses work?

One of the questions you always ask yourself or someone else is how do glasses work?

In fact, glasses were designed to behave in a similar way to the way the eyes work. Your eyes are similar to a camera in that it has a lens, exposure meter and also the ability to auto focus.

There are 4 major components of the eye. The cornea, iris, retina and lens.

The cornea is transparent and on top of the eye and it’s purpose is to let light flow into the pupil. The pupils function is to open and close in a way that allows it to regulate the amount of light that enters the eye and passes to your retina.

The retina contains cells that receive the light. The purposes of glasses is that they are designed to refract the line in a way that it enters into the correct spot in your eye.

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