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The iPhone 5 pre-orders

Here it is finally. The iPhone 5 has been available for pre-order and it’s been an amazing day for Apple. In a matter of 24 hours, the company has reported that stocks are depleted for the first bunch of customers and 2 million iPhone 5’s have been purchased in this time.

People looking to purchase the iPhone 5 will now need to wait until the first week of October to get their device. The iPhone 5 has going on sale around the world in Apple’s major markets and in Australia iPhone 5 Plans are available on every carrier. It is well known in Australian that the best value iPhone 5 plans are available on Virgin mobile.

The iPhone 5 has still got the familiarity of the screen and buttons however the device is slightly longer than the iPhone 4S. The extra length means that another row of icons can fit on the screen and widescreen videos can fit better as well.

The humble mobile phone

We often take our mobile phones for granted and view it as a device that has always been available.

A mobile phone has a number of components which are common across every make and model. The first is the presence of the battery which is obviously required to run the device. The second is the user interface. More commonly in the old days, this was the number keypad, but these days it’s the touch screen. The sim card is another common aspect which allows the device to connect to a particular network.

The mobile phone allows you to do a number of functions during the interaction process. The first is the ability to send text messages. The second is to make a phone call and the final common function these days is to video call.

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