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Where i love to travel

Some of my favourite places to travel in the world is Japan. Japan is one of the most scenic and beautiful places to visit in the world and it is entrenched with so much history that you get a real feel of what the country was like years ago.

One of my biggest enjoyments from visiting Japan is the people. The Japanese people have a great friendly and polite attitude to everyone around them. They are a gentle loving culture. The last time i visited Japan, i flew into Osaka. Osaka was full of lights and bicycles, the sort of typical things you hear about when people talk about Japan.

The city of Tokyo is a big eye opener for Westerners. There is such a diverse range of people and some crazy fashion. It is definitely a city that you will need to visit at least once. Find yourself a Expedia coupon and find all yourself immersed in all that is great about Japan.