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The HTC One X is HTC’s path back to the top

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding HTC’s smart phone device which was designed to bring them back from irelevancy, called the HTC One X.

The device is one which is feature rich in both hardware and software and what is most anticipated about the device will be run by the latest version of Android called Ice Cream Sandwich.

The HTC One X has had major upgrades which include improvements to the camera functions. The camera application has been designed so that there is no lag when switching it to camera mode. We have all experienced the moments where we want to quickly get our camera out and capture something but we have to wait ages for the camera to turn on at which point we lose that special picture.

HTC One X plans in Australia are available on all the carriers including Optus, Vodafone and Telstra.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is on it’s last legs

This time of year is a great time of you to purchase many new things for yourself, including a brand new phone. If you have contemplated getting a smart phone for a long time now, then this is the perfect time to take that step. Smart phones can improve your quality of life as they can give you all the information you need at your fingertips.

Some of the best smart phones around are extremely well priced at this time including Samsung’s Galaxy S2. There are Samsung Galaxy S2 plans that start at $29. Samsung Galaxy S2 is a great phone to start of with because it is very cheap compared with the features it has. The phone is on par with the best phones that are out at the moment.

Another great phone that is worth considering is the iPhone 4S. The Apple iPhone is so popular because it is easy to use.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Google have teamed up with Samsung to create the next generation of Android phone called the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The Galaxy Nexus will be the first to run Google’s newest version of Android called Ice Cream Sandwich, or Android 4.0.

Ice Cream Sandwich has a number of excellent new innovative features that sets it apart from the other versions of Android.

Firstly there is the Face Unlock feature. The face unlock feature allows you to unlock your phone simply by looking at it. It does this by allowing the owner to register their face in the device then when the camera sees the face it will automatically unlock the device. This process is supposedly much faster than unlocking the phone manually.

The other great feature is the panoramic camera which has software which greatly assists in the production of a panoramic photo such as telling you how to align up your device to get the right position.

The prepaid iPhone in the US

Apple have decided to sell the iPhone 4S in the US on pre-paid for the first time. The device will be on sale with Virgin Mobile USA and will be available from the 29th of June. Virgin Mobile USA make use of Sprint’s 3G CDMA network.

To purchase the device on pre-paid, it will cost you $649 for the 16GB iPhone 4S and $549 for the 8GB iPhone 4.

Virgin are offering month to month plans that begin at $30 per month. For the $30 per month plan, you will receive 300 minutes of voice, unlimited text and unlimited data. The $50 a month plan will give you unlimited everything including voice, data and SMS. These plans represent much better value than what we are used to in Australia.

In Australia, we are able to purchase the iPhone 4S outright which they cannot do in the USA. We do pay a little more for the device however. Our Apple iPhone 4S plans are also not as fully featured as the US.


When is the Apple iPhone 5 coming

There has been some speculation that the Apple iPhone 5 will be released in June to coincide with the Apple WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference), however there is a lot of evidence to suggest that this is not the case.

The first reason is that the iPhone 4S has only  just been released on second tier carriers in the US so it would not make much sense if they immediately released the iPhone 5. If it were to be released so soon, then the smaller carriers would not see any return on their investment which is something Apple would not want.

The second reason is that there have been component manufacturers in Asia leeking information which pointed to a Autumn release date for those parts. This would would mean that the iPhone 5 would not be released so soon.

The final reason is that there is a lot of stock around at the moment of the iPhone 4S. Any annoucement of a new model would meant that it would be difficult to move that inventory.

So in the meantime, while we wait for the new device, lets just review iPhone 4S plans as their is some great deals on offer.

Apple wants to block the sale of the Samsung Galaxy S3

It’s been a big week for Samsung with the release of the long awaited Samsung Galaxy S3. The device has been one of the most anticipated devices and there has been a lot of pressure on Samsung to produce something magical.

In Australia the device was released last week and Samsung Galaxy S3 Plans are actually reasonably priced. The device is probably the biggest threat to Apple and their iPhone devices.

Apple has therefore decided to attempt to ban Samsung from selling their product in Australia, America and some other parts of the world.

As part of their case, Apple are claiming that Samsung are infringing on a number of their patents around the voice control mechanisms of the device. The Samsung voice control system is called S-Voice.

In the US, Samsung’s biggest market, the device is expected to go on sale on June 21st, and any delay to this release will be a huge blow to the company.